About Our Company and Founder, Charles Kirmuss

Charles Kirmuss has been involved with audio as a hobby since he was 6 years old. In his high school years he walked Montreal's famous Ste. Catherine Street from one end to the other, ending his weekly store visits at The Audio Shop  (McIntosh Dealer and Lab) at 9PM. Having built color organs and audio equipment though the years, he in his professional career has pioneered the design and manufacture of RF, audio and signals cables as well as digital video and audio recorders and servers as an OEM for companies such as Ikegami Japan. 


Giving back: Kirmuss (W0CBK) is a Member and Director of the Radio Club of America, also volunteers as Director for Rampart / Adams Country Search and Rescue and is a fervent supporter of  Carole Perry (WB2MGP)'s RCA Youth Forum and RCA  Youth Activities

Nerd's Rule!.

As a Speaker at various Global Sources Trade Shows worldwide on the subject of overseas product procurement, quality control and manufacturing, and passionate about audio,  he has leveraged his overseas contacts and has introduced first and foremost his cables and connectors, thereafter soon to arrive, his affordable ultrasonic record washer.