For Foreign Buyers of our 100, 240 Volt and other Models:

  • Overseas models are not available from our Global Headquarters in the USA.
  • Overseas Models are available regionally sold by our Authorized Global Distributors and Dealers.
  • Overseas models need power supplies designed for specific regions to meet additional RF and EMI regulations stipulated by the Authorities. Globally: Electrical and Governmental approvals are also different than in the USA and require additional documentation and testing at significant cost.
  • To keep shipping costs reasonable as it costs $290 to ship by air one machine to the UK: Regional warehouses and resellers have been established by us. They ship in-country and in-region at a lower cost than we can from the USA.
  • Not seen in the USA are the variable import duties, taxes, and VAT. These are borne regionally.

As Such the Retail List Prices outside of the USA from our Global Supply Centres vary from $1,200 USD to $1,600 USD depending on the Country.

For Pricing in your Home Country, please contact your regional reseller in your country's region.

Please refer to our CONTACT Page. 

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​​"the Kirmuss KA-RC-1 is the best commercial ultrasonic cleaner currently available on the market."

-The AudioMan (on-line review January 2019)

"I have to declare that the KARC-1 is the best record cleaner on the market. Bar none.​"
-Paul Rigby

HiFi World Magazine (January 2019)