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Photo with renown custodian of records Lowell Graham

From Frans Muys van de Moer from the Netherlands,

Guitarist, Audio Designer:

“…Listened to a new LP:


Listened to the used one: hmmm. After a few minutes white goo.

Washed again, the same.  Washed it again, still. Washed the fourth time: FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

(no white goo)

Still learning, but I get even very emotional listening.

So freaking unbelievable what it does!!!!! This piece of equipment is indispensable!  You know that I am a pioneer trying to better the art of reproduction, in that light the importance of the cleaner can't be overstated! WOW! WOW! WOW! (My previous cleaner a VPI HW17 I think can't even come close, a total different league, incomparable).

I am now telling other people that instead of paying 4000 EUR for a turntable,  better buy a cheaper one and this cleaning device.The improvement is pivotal to me. It gives me improvements in areas that still had my attention.

Of course as I always say: you can never improve or better compensate on other places that where it goes wrong. My work has been to research where what goes wrong and how to improve it, turning every stone. This is one of the MAJOR breakthroughs. This is a once in a few years kind of breakthrough.

Feel free to use any of my comments for quoting.”



​​Dr. Kirmuss,

I want to share my absolute delight and astonishment with your system:  A “best buy” for the benefit of ultrasonics to restore LP sonics to their potential.  Over the past five decades I have used many DIY and professional cleaning systems….none of those systems have come close to the sonic benefits I am experiencing with this system, …it is like opening a window, ...simply dramatic. What I now hear from them is a revelation.

This cleaning solution is simple, effective and impactful.”

Thank-You, Kind Regards,

-Lowell E. Graham, D.M.A. Abraham Chavez, Jr.

Professorship in Music; Director of Orchestral Activities, Professor of Conducting, Conducting and Ensembles, Area Coordinator of The University of Texas at El Paso; Conn-Selmer: Educational Clinitian; President: American Bandmasters Association; President and CEO: John Philip Sousa Foundation   

Just purchased the wonderful ultimate ultrasonic vinyl cleaner.

Wow does it work well!!!!

Thank you,


-Glen F.

Calgary, Alberta



..the sound is solo much better than through the (competitor's brand), alone: the sound of the hall and localization within it are much better, harmonics are better integrated with each other (incl. the fundamental) up and down the spectrum (e.g., violins through double basses), choirs are more obviously groups of individuals, etc.


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