To Whom this May Concern:

I have been an audiophile for over 40 years and have gone through a variety of high end components over time.  

Presently I own a McIntosh MCD 751 transport, MDA 700 D/A converter, a C41 Pre-Amp with an MC 500 power amp driving Cabasse Catalane 500 speakers. The current speaker and interconnect cables are WireWorld Eclipse III with WBT connectors.

I like my system but since the time I purchased the system there was always a lack of "snap". Felt something was missing.

I changed out cables over time in trying to "fix" the set-up. I have tried AudioQuest Forest, Marginal Audio All Silver flex cables,  Van den Hull's MIT and others. The WireWorld Eclipse III's were I thought, my final attempt.

One can see where significant funds were spent on  buying cables over the years. Everything in Canada is no much more expensive. Yet I had to do the source and speakers justice due to the total investment. I finally relegated myself to thinking the speakers were at fault until I tried a set of KirmussAudio Adrenaline Cables recommended by a friend.

The result was more than what we usually call a "WOW".

The difference was immediately noticeable. First thing that hits you is that these cables are very natural sounding.

The highs are crisp, not too aggressive. Compared to WireWorld Eclipse III's, the bass becomes tighter and full of punch. The instruments sound more granular and full of presence.

Soundstage is larger and deeper. The image is superb and very detailed. I was hearing things that I did not know were in the recording, this in pieces that I was very familiar with.

Very impressed.

I would say that Adrenaline is one of those products that comes around once in a while that really gives you a big bang for the buck.  Second to none in price with performance. It took years to show off the capabilities of my equipment through my Cabasse Catalane 500's!


Please use my experience as a reference for your wonderful c able offering!

Gaston M.

Mirabel, Quebec, Canada